Comfort Gallery Mattress Has been Rebranded to Hadley Olivia Superstore.


Over the last 14 years we have been called Comfort Gallery Mattress here is San Juan Capistrano. With the success of our original 2500 sf showroom we expanded to 5000 sf then to 8,500 sf (Picture Shown) then to 13,500 sf and finally our newest showroom 21,000+ sf Superstore with over 130 different mattresses on display.

At the Hadley Olivia Mattress Superstore in San Juan Capistrano, we have a mattress to meet every sleep style, budget and home decor – from everyday value to organic, from memory foam to handcrafted luxury mattresses from the finest bed creators on earth.


Hadley Olivia the Future CEO

Meet Hadley Olivia

This Is How it Began...

My Daddy, Grandpa & Uncle started the business back in 2005 and called it Comfort Gallery. Back then the company was in a really small showroom with only 10-15 mattresses. Over the last 14 years my daddy and our entire family (Grandpa Ron, Grandma Patti, Uncle Brad, Cousin Chris and nine extended family members) have grown our showroom really, really, big!

My Daddy has found the best mattresses, chairs & sofas from around the world. Now we have over 120 mattresses and 80 different super comfy sofas and chairs to play on. I'm pretty sure, if you can't find what you are looking for in our store, it isn't available.

I was born in 2015 and in mid 2019 my daddy changed the name of the business to "Hadley Olivia." That's me!! I come down to the store a couple times a week to run around and jump on all of the beds and make a really, really, big mess!