Comfort Gallery Mattress Has been Rebranded to Hadley Olivia Superstore.

Over the last 14 years we have been called Comfort Gallery Mattress here is San Juan Capistrano. With the success of our original 2500 sf showroom we expanded to 5000 sf then to 8,500 sf (Picture Shown) then to 13,500 sf and finally our newest showroom 21,000+ sf Superstore with over 130 different mattresses on display.

At the Hadley Olivia Mattress Superstore in San Juan Capistrano, we have a mattress to meet every sleep style, budget and home decor – from everyday value to organic, from memory foam to handcrafted luxury mattresses from the finest bed creators on earth.

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It all started with the news that we would be adding a new member to the Lane family. My wife and I were expecting our first child. In preparation for her arrival we wanted to choose a crib mattress that was natural, organic and free of any chemicals. It would be made of the highest quality materials and provide comfort and support. It was then we realized these are not just desired sleep conditions reserved for babies, these are sleep conditions desired by many of all ages.

We set out to include manufacturers that could offer our customers the highest quality mattresses. Mattresses that offer superb comfort and support, handcrafted using quality natural and/or organic materials. Some even offering the option to customize their fabrics and hardware to match any interior design.

In July of 2015 Hadley Olivia, the baby, was born. As the muse that inspired our journey we are excited to now announce that Hadley Olivia, the Superstore, is born.