Nahanni 4.0 – Wool Moisture Pad

How do you keep your mattress completely protected? The answer is wool. The Nahanni Wool Pad Protector is made from 100% pure wool and is an essential addition to any mattress, especially for families who co-sleep. The Nahanni Wool Moisture Pad Protector fits your mattress perfectly without changing its feel. It is made with organic wool fibres that are tightly felted to create a natural water repellant that protects your mattress against accidents and spills.

The Nahanni Wool Pad Protector features elastic straps on all four corners which ensure a snug fit to your mattress. It provides perfect comfort and mattress protection especially when placed under the Nahanni Cotton Pad Protector.

WARRANTY: 3-year limited


– Children or co-sleeping
– Elderly
– Incontinence
– Spills
– Mattress protection

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