Obasan recognize that each sleeping partner is different. That’s why they don’t create a one-size-fits-all mattress. They customize each mattress based on weight distribution, predominant sleeping position, and spinal alignment by using a different firmness of organic rubber in each section, side-to-side, top-to-bottom.

No Arguments Here

Two people. Two separate needs for comfort. No compromise.


Susan has a medium base, soft support for her shoulders, medium hips, and firm feet. Finished with a soft top.


David has a firm base, medium hip and shoulder support, with firm feet. Finished with a soft top

Customizable Mattresses

Studio 12″

The Studio 12″ provides unmatched comfort. The ultimate in pressure relief, the ultra-plush Studio 12″ has an extra soft-top layer providing the greatest in pressure relief for your entire body, while providing custom support precisely where you need it. It also includes multi-zoned comfort layers with the choice of a firm or medium base. The built-in, ultra-plush topper delivers body contouring and elevated comfort levels. Simply put, there’s no other mattress on the market that matches the comfort of the Studio 12″.

Studio 10″

Obasan’s most versatile mattress, the Studio 10″ is customizable for all types of sleepers. It accommodates all sleeping positions beautifully, but delivers exceptional comfort for side and back sleepers. Made from the highest quality 100% organic materials, its customizable features are unparalleled. Both the support and comfort layers are tailored to suit individual sleep requirements and deliver maximum comfort for sleepers of all builds. Two sleep partners sleep equally well on the Studio 10″, as each sleeper’s side is tailored independently.

Essential 9″

Our popular essentials 9 mattress delivers an ideal sleep experience especially for slim side sleepers and back and stomach sleepers. The essentials 9 is a beautifully handcrafted mattress that incorporates the highest quality, breathable, 100% certified organic materials. It provides an incredibly comfortable, dry, cool sleep for one or two sleep partners, based on individual tailoring for individual sleepers.

Essential 8″

The Essential 8 is our firmest adult model and includes a built-in topper which provides body contouring and pressure relief. It also comes with a removable cover that can be easily spot cleaned and aired-out. The mattress can be ordered with a flexible 100% organic cotton knit cover or a luxurious 100% organic cotton velour casing. We do not use harmful, fire retardant chemicals. Instead we use organic wool that is quilted into the cover and which is an all-natural fire barrier.

Kids Mattress

The Kids 6” medium firm organic rubber core is constructed of 2″ firm rubber and 4″ medium rubber. It is 2-sided. One side is made with our luxurious organic cotton velour for a softer feeling, and other side is finished with our elastic cotton knit providing a firmer feel. The 2-sided mattress allows your child to start sleeping on the softer side, and when he or she becomes heavier, flip the mattress over.


Organic Foundations

Obasan Foundations are hand crafted with the finest Quebec FSC wood. They are finished with the same organic cotton jersey as our mattresses and are padded with layers of organic wool. They are available in 4” and 8” heights and come with wood legs. The legs are slightly recessed within the Revelstoke frame reducing chances of knocking toes or knees in the night.

 Wool Moisture Pad

How do you keep your mattress completely protected? The answer is wool. The Wool Pad Protector is made from 100% pure wool and is an essential addition to any mattress, especially for families who co-sleep. The Wool Moisture Pad Protector fits your mattress perfectly without changing its feel. It is made with organic wool fibres that are tightly felted to create a natural water repellant that protects your mattress against accidents and spills.

Organic Cotton Pad Protector

Obasan’s Organic Cotton Pad Protector with a soft organic cotton knit fabric that ensures cozy comfort while protecting your mattress. It protects your mattress, keeps it clean and absorbs body moisture and oils. The Organic Cotton Pad Protector is breathable and absorbent and keeps you cool throughout the night. It is fitted snugly to the mattress, providing enhanced comfort without changing the feel of your mattress.

Custom Organic Pillows

When it comes to custom sleep, Obasan goes all in. Using unique designs and different fillings, we’ve created 5 distinct pillows that serve every sleeping style.

Everyone has a pillow preference. That’s why the firmness and thickness of our pillows is fully adjustable. Whether you choose rubber or wool, our pillows are made with 100% organic materials.  All Obasan pillows feature varying feels and temperatures on each side – Giving you full comfort no matter the season

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