Revelstoke – Foundation

Obasan Revelstoke Foundations are hand crafted with the finest Quebec FSC wood. They are finished with the same organic cotton jersey as our mattresses and are padded with layers of organic wool. They are available in 4” and 8” heights and come with wood legs. The legs are slightly recessed within the Revelstoke frame reducing chances of knocking toes or knees in the night.

2 “ firm wood slats support your Obasan mattress across its length and width and provide maximum breathability and support. All Revelstoke Foundations are built using nails as opposed to glue which provides a healthy sleep environment.


A Revelstoke Foundation does so much more than support your Obasan mattress. It makes your mattress a stylish piece of furniture. The elegant Organic Belgian Linen or Beautiful Wool Finishes provides a sophisticated look and makes the sleep environment truly elegant.


Transform your sleep environment with a designer package for your 8” Revelstoke Foundation. Choose from 6 different finishes and 3 different leg colours. Create a spectacular and stylish look for your bedroom. You’ll sleep well and beautifully too.

WARRANTY: 20-year limited warranty

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