When you’re looking for a new mattress, we’d like to help you understand what makes a mattress a luxury mattress – and why you should consider investing in a premium bed when so many low-cost “bed-in-a-box” choices exist today, in addition to the wide range of traditional machine manufactured beds you can buy.

To be perfectly transparent right from the start: a premium, luxury bed is not for everyone, and we get that. What’s important in choosing your next bed is to recognize that you are making an investment in not just your sleep, but your waking hours as well. Your nights are completely intertwined with your days – they do not exist apart. At a very basic level, think about how your days can impact how you sleep at night. The same is true about how your night can – and does – impact how you go about living your day.

So with that basic truth in mind, let’s look at what makes a mattress a luxury mattress.

There are a few components that combine to create a luxury mattress: materials used in construction, and the techniques used to build.

Luxury mattress materials

The very first thing that sets a luxury mattress apart from traditional machine made mattresses is the selection and variety of materials used in construction. When looking at brands such as Hästens and Vispring, they both start with layer upon layer of natural, organic and responsibly-sourced materials including wool, cotton, flax, horse hair, and pine. Added to that, the specific steel used in the creation of springs plays a critical role in the lifespan, durability and lifelong comfort of your luxury mattress. Hästens, for instance, uses a steel that is manufactured specially in Sweden, and is so incredible Hästens offers a 25-year warranty on the springs in their mattresses.

Hästens 2000T at Hadley Olivia Luxury Mattress ShoppesVispring, meanwhile, has been using a spring manufacturing technique so flawless it has gone virtually unchanged since 1901, using the finest Vanadium steel. Your Vispring bed will be custom made for you to your exacting specifications using a selection of single, double or triple layer of springs, nine wire gauges and 58 spring types.

All of these natural materials are layered together using time honored craftsmanship to create beds that can be up to an astounding 3 feet high before binding with hand stitching.

Plus, thanks to this combination of completely natural materials, your luxury mattress facilitates everything your body naturally does when you sleep restfully: moisture is wicked away from your body, toxins are released from your brain, your entire body is supported flawlessly, creating a feeling of weightlessness. You awaken refreshed and ready to live your very best life each and every day.

Luxury mattress craftsmanship

The second component that makes your premium mattress a luxury mattress is the handcrafted creation. In the case of the world’s leading luxury bed companies – both Hästens in Sweden and Vispring from England – the tools and techniques used by their skilled, trained craftsmen and women are often handed down from generation to generation and refined by each new craftsman to create the ultimate bed. Behind each and every Hästens bed, for example, is hundreds of man hours of research, iterations, design considerations and refinement. Vispring’s craftsmen and women employ similar techniques to build bespoke beds from the feet up that provide exquisite sleep and last for decades.

Experience luxury mattresses for yourself

The best way to truly understand the real difference a luxury mattress can make is to experience them for yourself. We can teach you all about the details that make a luxury mattress different. We can share the details of construction and walk you through the care that each and every element of a luxury bed receives during development and crafting. All of those components combine to create a bespoke mattress that will last decades and provide you with the best sleep of your life. All of those components combine to create a bed that reflects the things we value: natural sustainability, organic materials that are as good for your body as they are for the earth. But the only way to truly understand the difference a premium, handmade luxury mattress can make is to visit us and experience them firsthand.