Hopewell Firm Tight Top Close Out


Hopewell Firm Tight Top Close Out

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Marshall Mattress Hopewell Firm


Wood/Eucalyptus/Copper Fibers

These natural and anti-microbial materials enhance the life of your mattress, offer a supportive sleep surface, and provide rapid heat dissipation for a cooler and comfortable sleep. 

TerraPur Latex 

Finest latex in the world, this hypoallergenic material delivers a unique buoyant quality which relaxes muscles and relieves tension, lifting away the pressures of the day while you sleep.

Aireluxe Foam

An incredibly durable and resilient foam which confirms to your body and aligns your spine to minimize sleep disturbances. 

Eucalyptus Padding

This eco-friendly material is derived from the eucalyptus tree pulp and creates a soft and comfortable feel. Its extraordinary temperature regulations properties allow the body to remain cool and dry for undisturbed sleep.

Visco Foam 

Exceptionally durable, this foam supports posture and relieves pressure points. It releases heat rapidly and recovers quickly to its original shape. 

Original Marshall Pocket Coil

As the pioneer, our proprietary pocket coil springs remain the pinnacle choice for those that value handcrafted quality and want to experience full-body contouring support for unparalleled comfort.