Refine 12 Inch Ultra Plush Floor Sample


Refine 12 Inch Ultra Plush Floor Sample

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Floor Sample 

The Refine is an Ultra Plush All Latex Mattress.

Every single one of our mattresses is created by hand in California by teams of skilled craftsmen. Posh+Lavish design creates a weightless, buoyant, and floating feeling. We pay attention to every single detail and we never use fiber in the top of the mattress (which will wear over time) and that is why we don’t quilt the tops.

Our mattresses use natural materials such as long-lasting and bouncy latex rubber. Our latex is Oeko-Tex certified. Our mattresses are manufactured with certified, non-toxic, water-based glue.

Surrounding our mattresses on all four sides is a generous amount of all-natural, long fiber wool between two layers of all-natural cotton, which is knitted. These mattresses are boric acid and antimony free, of course.

Both wool and cotton help to regulate body temperature keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, all throughout the night. Both materials also wick moisture from your body while you sleep.

Our mattress covers include Tencel™-faced fabric. Tencel comes from wood pulp and uses nanotechnology that is incredibly supple, moisture absorbent, and exceptionally durable.