Studio 12 Inch Organic Mattress


Studio 12 Inch Organic Mattress

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Studio 12″

The Obasan Studio 12″ natural latex mattress provides unmatched comfort with its extra-soft top layer providing the most pressure relief of all models. It also includes multi-zoned comfort layers and the choice of a firm or medium base. This mattress can be customized to meet anyone's needs, regardless of body type, weight, or predominant sleep positions, making it perfect for all adults.

  • 100% GOLS-certified organic rubber
  • Bottom 4″ support layer available in either medium or firm
  • Center 4″ layers run from head to toe and are divided into 3 sections
  • Topped with 4″ soft top to reduce surface pressure points
  • Excellent for adults of all builds
  • Organic cotton jersey cover quilted with 900g of soft, pure organic wool — reducing pressure points and regulating body temperature
  • Each layer of natural rubber individually wrapped to reduce friction between layers and reduce movements
  • Organic cotton jersey envelope is removable for spot cleaning and airing
  • All Obasan mattresses pass the flame test in Canada and the USA