How To Find The Perfect Mattress?
Vispring’s handmade beds offer a unique range of comfort options. Follow these steps to ensure you choose the one that is right for you.


Hadley Olivia holds the largest selection of Vispring mattresses in the world. The New Vispring Collection features 14 extraordinary mattresses with a 30 year warranty. These mattresses are handcrafted to command the presence of any room. For over 100 years Vispring has constantly striven to improve the quality, comfort, and durability of its luxury mattresses.


The Elite is a traditionally handcrafted mattress that is an ideal introduction to the world of Vispring. Its natural fillings wick away moisture to provide a hygienic, cool and deliciously inviting sleeping surface. Seductive comfort for those who appreciate a soft yet supportive feel.

The Devonshire

An all wool model by Vispring, the Devonshire Mattress is the perfect choice for softness with underlying support so the body is perfectly supported and cradled with comfort. Featuring the renowned craftsmanship associated with Vispring, each Devonshire Mattress is handmade to order in the size and tension of your choice and comes with a 30 year guarantee.


VI-Spring Coronet Mattress is pure wellness cloaked in comfort. More than fifteen hundred six-coil springs work in harmony to provide unparalleled back support, while an expert blend of Platinum certified British wool and cotton keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


The Oxford will be filled with exclusive natural fillings to include Platinum Certified British fleece wool, cotton and horsehair. The premium wool fillings provide optimum ventilation as these breathable fibers helps regulate body temperature, ensuring a healthy night’s sleep. The natural fibers are all expertly blended and hand-teased before being laid over individually pocketed Vanadium steel springs, resulting in an exceptionally harmonious blend of strength and softness, comfort and support. This mattress offers improved support and reassuringly resilient sensation.

Regal Superb

The VI Spring Regal Superb bed has 1720 special pocket springs. Each vanadium wire spring is individually sewn into cotton calico pockets, placed into a honeycomb nested unit, then sandwiched between thick luxurious layers of platinum certified British fleece wool and cotton. The mattress is then finished with the finest quality ticking, hand tufted, and with 3 rows of hand side stitching.


The VI Spring Regent offers a sensation of luxury unrivaled among single spring layer mattresses. Its refined upholstery delivers an enchantingly soft and airy feel, while the unique properties of its prestigious fillings – including genuine Mulberry silk – keep you deliciously cool as you sleep. A perfect blend of comfort and support.

Tiara Superb

The Vispring Tiara Superb luxury mattress is pure restorative support, with satisfying deep upholstery producing an exquisitely voluptuous sensation. You’ll sleep like royalty on the Vispring Tiara Superb with pure, premium natural fibers of Platinum Certified Shetland wool, organic cotton, and horsetail hair, layered over two layers of Vispring’s hand-nested calico pocket springs made from virgin Vanadium steel.

Sublime Superb

The Sublime Superb is made with the finest natural fillings – real Shetland Isle and British fleece wool, horsetail, silk and mohair – provide the softest covering for thousands of Vi-Spring’s unique springs, hand-laid in a double layer for the utmost comfort and support.

The Vispring Sublime Superb is designed for couples who want one of the very best handmade mattresses money can buy, crafted by true masters in England using natural, organic materials. Like all Vispring mattresses, the Sublime Superb comes with a lifetime warranty, and a custom innerspring system.

Signatory Superb

The Signatory Superb from Vispring contains cashmere, real Shetland Isle wool and horsetail, which provide a sumptuous level of comfort and support for an unbelievable night’s sleep. With a double row of hand-nested calico pocket springs that are made in a custom coil gauge from virgin Vanadium steel. The coil gauge used in your custom-built Vispring Signatory Superb bed is determined by your specific body type and comfort preferences, which helps ensure you receive the optimal levels of both give and support.

Masterpiece Superb

The Masterpiece Superb combines outstanding support with the exquisite softness provided by a blend of the rarest and most exclusive fibres. Its three layers of springs – retained by five rows of genuine hand side-stitching – offer a responsiveness that is second to none. 

Diamond Majesty

We proudly present the brand new Diamond Majesty mattress from Vispring – a renowned British heritage brand and home of
bespoke luxury beds and mattresses. The most luxurious mattress in the collection, the Diamond Majesty was created using
unrivalled expertise in mattress-making, with a unique combination of vanadium pocket springs and sumptuous fillings to provide
the ultimate sleep experience.