Rise and Shine


Posh+Lavish New Flex Head Mattresses

Posh+Lavish found that consumers wanted all the advantages and benefits of dual adjustable bed, but found people who sleep together wanted the intimacy of a common sleep surface of “one bed rather than two.”



The Posh+Lavish Relax All Latex Mattress is firm yet still conforming. This mattress uses 100% Tencel Faced Luxury fabric cover that is removable & washable. The fire barrier that Posh+Lavish uses on this collection is Organic Cotton cover with 12 pounds of wool in a queen size mattress.



The Posh+Lavish Restore Luxury Latex Mattress is the perfect medium firmness for most back, side or stomach sleeper. This 10″ all latex mattress has a vary “Bounce Free” feel, so you and your sleep partner do Not feel transfer of motion like most Latex mattresses.


Release True Pillow Top

The Release True Pillow Top Mattress has the firmness of the Relax mattress with the added 2″ Luxury Pillow Top creates one of the best feeling Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattresses in the country with the “Bounce Free” feel.

Posh+ Lavish


The Posh+ Lavish Reveal Luxury Latex mattress has a medium plush feel. This mattress is the place to start if you like a softer feel, but likes some firm underlining support.



The Posh+Lavish Refine 12″ Luxury Latex Mattress is the softest mattress in the collection. With this mattress you will experience one of the best feeling All Latex mattress in the world. This is the prefect mattress if you are a side sleeper.


Reawaken True Pillow Top

The Reawaken True Pillow Top Luxury Latex Mattress is the softest pillow top mattress in the collection. This is a Must See Mattress!! The Reawaken True Pillow Top mattress is comprised of the Restore mattress and the 3″ True Pillow top.